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Pactra International is a Multi modal Transportation company that strives to bring our client’s value and success by creating value.

Since our establishment in 1996, on the basis of steady cargo throughput in the areas of air, sea, rail and inland transportation, Pactra international is constantly working towards strengthening price competitiveness and streamlining transportation services, and is creating value for customers by providing a one stop service even for MULTI MODAL TRANSPORTATION.

Having established offices in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Egypt, Shanghai, Tianjin, Atlanta, LA and others, Pactra realizes the vision of becoming an enduring global multimodal transportation enterprise by securing a network that provides a stable service on a global scope.

Pactra International will strive to become a global multimodal transportation enterprise by maximizing customer satisfaction by brining value to our clients in new markets by creating value.

We look forward to become the leading global logistics company based on our client’s trust and satisfaction.

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Pactra International CEO Hyung Soon,Park, KEE TAI,CHOI