About Us [History]

Established in1996 as the Korean branch of Muller and Partner, the company changed its name to Pactra in 2002 to provide specialized services to Korea firms expanding into foreign markets. . Pactra International established logistics networks in Eastern Europe to provide specialized logistics services to leading Korean firms such as Samsung and Hyundai Motors entering into the market. As results of our successful services and network, in 2007 Pactra became the contractor of many key clients head office in Korea and expanded globally which became the basis for sustainable growth.

1996. Jul Established ICS Co., Ltd
1996. Jul Registered as an Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding
1999. Jul Registered as a member of IFFA(International Freight Forwarders Association)
2001 Established Hungary Corp.
2002 Established Slovakia Corp.(Galanta)
2004 Established China Corp.(Shanghai)
2004. Jul Opened new logisitcs system
2004. Jul Registered as a member of IATA / CASS
2004. Dec Obtained ISO9001
2005 Established Slovakia Corp.(Jilina)
2005 Established Austria Corp.(Viena)
2005 Established China Corp.(Chingdao)
2006. Jul Established Bupyeong Branch
2008. Jul Established Gumi Branch
2009. Oct Changed the name of the company - Pactra International (Acquired Pactra Logistics)
2009. Dec Sales climbed to 200 billion won (103 billion won)
2010. Nov Moving of HQ (12. Gangnam-daero 41-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea)
2010. Dec Renewal of ISO9001
2010. Dec Awarded prize of Gumi customs director
2010. Dec Sales climbed to 100 billion won (215 billion won)
2011 Established PGL USA Corp.(Atlanta)
2012. Jan Obtained AEO (A Level)
2012 Established Russia Corp.(Moscow)
2013 Established USA Corp.(L.A)
2014 Established Egypt Corp.(Cairo)